Ask A Drummer: Brooks Wackerman

by Guitar Center on September 22, 2015


Why the drums?

My family indoctrinated drums/music into my life at birth. It was equivalent to breathing for me and I just thought everyone played drums due to how normal it was in our household. Fortunately I fell in love with it and continued playing.

Best drum track of all time (in your humble opinion)?

“Rosanna” by Toto. Jeff Porcaro truly delivered the shuffle that us drummers still salivate over.

What’s your favorite piece of drum gear?

7/14 nickel over brass DW snare… a beast but not a burden.

What are you working on now?

5 weeks in Europe with Bad Religion then i delve into sessions when i get home.

What are your words of wisdom for drummers just starting out?

Be open-minded and search for various styles of music to latch onto, which can incorporate new voices into your playing. And don’t be a dick or egocentric. I’ve found that collaboration brings a lot more fulfillment than steering the rudder by yourself.

Twitter: @brookswackerman